We will show you the COMMUNE floor.

Located right next to Izumisano Station, the gateway to Kansai International Airport. In addition to being able to concentrate on work or study in the comfort of an old private house, you can also use it like a cafe, as it is equipped with Wi-Fi, private rooms, and free drinks. It is also possible to use shared offices and hold events as a base for companies and organizations.

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A workspace where you can concentrate all day long

The space is surrounded by a warm wooden atmosphere, with visible beams and mud walls that are the remains of an old folk house. All seats, including a quiet and open workspace, counter, semi-private rooms, and soundproof private rooms, have free addresses, so you can move around freely. You can use it to suit your style.

High-speed Wi-Fi is available and each space has AC power, so you can work on your computer or study.

For web conferences and interviews! soundproof private room box

This is a private room that can be used for web conferences, interviews, etc. that you do not want others to hear. They are located on the veranda on the 1st floor and next to the stairs on the 2nd floor, and anyone can use them.

It is equipped with lighting, ring lights, electrical outlets, ventilation fans, circulators, and other equipment, so it is recommended for those who want to attend meetings or interviews in a bright environment that makes a good impression and concentrates. (Advance reservations cannot be made by phone, etc.On the day of the event, you can write your reservation time on the usage board.)


1st and 2nd floors accommodate various usage scenarios

The first floor is a casual space where you can talk and have meetings, ZOOM meetings, use the cafe, etc., and the second floor is a quiet workspace where you can concentrate.

Cafe corner where you can enjoy freshly brewed food

The drink corner is filled with a wide variety of drinks, just like a cafe, and has a De'Longhi coffee machine and water dispenser where you can enjoy the taste of freshly brewed beans, as well as tea, black tea, and a variety of other drinks. During the hot season, we also offer cold juices, iced coffee, and tea.

Facility equipment

AC power, high-speed wifi, free links, monitors, charging cables, multifunction devices, shredders, etc...

Multifunction device (10 yen for monochrome / 20 yen for color / free scanning)
*Monthly membership is free up to 1 tickets per day

Work comfortably with high-speed WiFi

[NURO Hikari]
Downlink (download) 661Mbps
Upstream (upload) 583Mbps

A cozy space with the warmth of wood

Towards a place that is friendly to people and the environment

We aim to create a comfortable and relaxing place that feels like home, and we are particular about using materials that are friendly to people and the environment, such as German-made plaster and natural paints (linseed oil and red iron) for the interior. Please enjoy the atmosphere they create.

In addition, the doors and fittings used within the facility are purchased from wholesalers that deal with old materials, and are reused from old folk houses in the neighborhood. Along with its 100-year history, we will pass on the thoughts and culture of each building to the next 100 years.